Residential & Industrial Smart Electricity Meter with Energy Management Facility, High

Reliability & Safety.

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If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it. Keeping this saying in mind, SinePulse is offering a sharper, more accurate Smart Meter to manage your energy consumption and thus energy bills more effectively. Get a Smart Meter and enjoy your journey towards smart future.

Think what conventional energy meters do. It is hidden somewhere on a wall. The only time you realize how much energy you have been spending is when the bill hits your door! Unfortunately, that bill does not tell you how much you could have saved if you upgraded your air conditioner or refrigerator or adjusted your thermostat by a few degrees. You don’t even know how much you wasted on standby power (the power used by electronic devices when they are plugged in but not in use). That is not smart at all, right? Would not it be nice if your energy meter tells you how much you used compared to your neighbors? Smart Meter will perform all those for you. As everything is getting smart nowadays, why not Smart energy meters?

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