Residential & Industrial Smart Electricity Meter with Energy Management Facility, High

Reliability & Safety.


Just imagine if you knew how much energy you were consuming at home at any time of the day as well as how much energy each device was using! Or you could set a consumption limit yourself and get continuous notifications whether your current consumption rate will match your limit! SinePulse smart energy meters are devices capable of making the above imagination and many more into reality. A SinePulse smart meter will sit on your home, monitor energy data you're consuming, and let you know how much energy you are using – this put more control on your hands on how you spend your energy at home. Thus you’ll have all the information you need to understand your energy usage, so you can manage it better and understand how you might be able to save.

SinePulse smart meters also offer additional possibilities for the future – such as improved ‘time-of-day tariffs offering cheaper rates at off-peak times to smooth out national energy usage through the day. Plus, they will make it easier to sell your own micro-generated electricity (such as from a solar panel or home wind turbine) to the National Grid.

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